13th September 2017

Artist Kerry Hughes

Q1. How would you describe your art, designs and process?

I like to think my work has a strong element of playfulness and a narrative that gives the projects I work on coherency and structure, so they're not just fun for the sake of being fun, but they're also not too strict. I like to let the materials influence the outcome while at the same time exploring less common ways in which they can be used.

Q2. Where do you create all/most of your work?

I spend a lot of my time in my studio in East London which I share with other creatives, I also work with various photographers in their studios where we can collaborate on getting the best results on any given project.

Q3. Tell us about the pieces you have on show at The Old Bank Gallery...

The Old Bank is currently showing four of my pieces, two are from an on- going collaborative project called Word Play that I'm working on with photographer Emma Todd, the other two are from Pneumatic Anatomy, another collaboration with photographer Aaron Tilley. Word Play came from Emma and I wondering what could happen if we took existing compound words and humorously subverted them. Pneumatic Anatomy was an exploration of using modelling balloons to create vaguely anatomically correct models of human organs, which originated from an idle observation that lungs hold air just like balloons do.

Q4. What do you most enjoy about working with The Old Bank?

It's always good to see new independent galleries like The Old Bank establishing themselves, I like working with them as they can explore different perspectives.

Q5. Do you have plans for a new project/body of work?

I'm constantly working on new ideas and projects, whether that's commissioned or personal work. I'm quite excited about an upcoming project with photographer Holly Falconer; you can see some teaser shots on our Instagram accounts.